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Here at Rob Green Auto Group we have utilized the Maintenance Plus program for the past 10 years. This program has provided the best customer retention we have experienced to date.

Our first year in the program increased our customer retention to 60% and has continued to grow since then.  In fact, our Nissan store was #1 in our region for the 1st year customer retention.  This program has proved to help us maintain our customers and offer a much needed upsell program in F&I.

The Maintenance Plus program keeps our customers in our stores due to a painless visit.  The online administration for these visits is easy and seamless.

In setting up the program, we were able to customize it to provide the best benefits, services and cost for us.  In addition, if changes are ever needed, their response is immediate and all materials, support and training are provided to us.

As dealers, we are all looking for a way to keep our customers for service and subsequent sales; we have found this program is a way to accomplish this goal.

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